Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lupe the Novelist, Fifty-Two Days Down

I heard in a few songs there you mentioned the name of your next album, L-U-P-End. So I take it you're sticking to your promise of making three albums and then you're out?
Yeah, I think so. I'm 85 percent. My final album is L-U-P-End, and it comes from video games. I love video games, especially Capcom, and you can only put three letters when the game is over — three letters and ''END.''

Do you have a concept for that album yet?
I don't know. I was thinking about having it be very schizophrenic, just all over the place and loaded with features. Or having, like, 10 songs, like back in the day when they'd do 10 songs and be done.

You're obviously someone who puts a lot of thought and intelligence into your albums. After you make your third album, what are you going to do with all that creative energy?
Oh, I'm writing my book! It's tentatively titled Reflections of a Window-Washer. It's about this character who has limited amount of conversation with the world. But he has simulated conversations, as if he had ever went past saying to someone, ''Hi.'' It's a real cerebral kind of piece. I've got maybe just a few chapters. They published one of the chapterettes in a magazine in London, where [the character] sits and ponders the notion, the physics, the ideals, the commercialization of the future.

So you can see yourself becoming a novelist full-time?
Yeah! That's where this [music] comes from. Hip-hop is like a byproduct of telling stories and writing. Some of the stuff that I want to talk about can't be compressed into a song.

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I'm still on the fence about the use of the word "nigga" but to me Lupe made a very Dumbledore (from Harry Potter) point I think in this video interview. When the guy was like "how do you feel about Nas titling his next album the "N" word" and Lupe is like "Nigga?" like "why are you so afraid to say the word. It reminded me of what Dumbledore said in the first book "fear of the name only increases fear in the thing itself."

And I've got something to say to folks who don't like Lupe. Back in the day folks didn't like the genius of Shakespeare either. I'll elaborate later but just think that over.


JFK said...

yeah, it would be cool & exclusive if he only came out w/ three albums, but wtf, who really wants an artist that cool 2 only come out w/ three albums. ARONIUS!

The Dreamer said...

Props to you sir. Anyone who respects Lupe is good in my book. The man has revolutionised emceeing like no one since Jay-Z and may have produced the best debut Album since Nas' Illmatic. That alone puts him in the stratosphere with the greats. Who else are you listening to?

*_*Antoine*_* said...

Who's the dreamer? Do you have a blog I can read?