Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lily-Ann-Twone Day

After Cast Party (which was enjoyable) I was awoken by everyone who was still there, asking Dominique, Devon, Briana and me if we wanted to head to Denny's. We complied. It was cool having a breakfast with a good few of the cast and I think one person on crew (me). Most of my crew buddies left the Cast Party and didn't stay with me over night (thus, I was left alone).

After Denny's Domo dropped me off at home and I took a quick shower and got dress to get ready to go to West Covina to hang out with Lillian (mucho fotos below). I had to take a bus I was unfamiliar with but it was cool. It was a very comfortable bus.

I stared at this building while I waited.

In tenth grade I performed there for City Hall.

Strawberry Surf Rider (tried something besides Strawberries Wild)

Brain Freeze

We saw Saw IV. It was a cool flick with some very sick and seamless transitions like woah.

We went through the whole movie and didn't even drink all our Jamba Juice, which is more surprising for her because she had the 16 oz.

His name: Baja Freeman

Her mom took us to this Korean Restaurant afterwards and it was so bomb.

Tired much?



v-dog said...

omg so i this post and now i really really want jamba juice lol

looks like you had fun!!

*_*Antoine*_* said...

fun i had. jamba juice was amazing! strawberry surf rider is now my new favorite

Anonymous said...

is that our girlfriend?

so yo really got those two lines on the side of your head....
more elipsis..........

and uh ive heard of the "cool kids" but eh theyre pretty wack from what ive heard which is only one song

*_*Antoine*_* said...

Haha! I'm not sure what you would call us. I'm pretty sure we're just friends right now. Fun day, fun day.


I can't even understand what they are saying the their "Black Mags" video. I've tried looking for lyrics on the internet but can't find any so I have no idea what most of the song is even about.

Lilly-Ann from Lilly-Ann-Twone said...

HAHA Dan-nee-el is comical, Alyssa you got yourself a funny

...and yes, twas a good day!