Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Inner-City Filmmakers Day 34, Week Four (Shoot#2 & #5: Day 2)

Director of Photography again! But I definitely can't wait to start directing.

Afterward I went with Brian, Kelsey and George to a restaurant called El Coyote and then we saw The Wackness (my second time) at the Landmark Theater where they had couches!


Inner-City Filmmakers Day 33, Week Four (Shoot#2: Day 1)

Finally got to be Director of Photography!


Inner-City Filmmakers Day 32, Week Four (Shoot#1: Day 2)

I was disappointed in the director this day. He had our call time at 5:30 AM which meant I had to wake up at 2:30 AM to catch a bus at the appropriate time and we didn't start shooting until 7:30 AM.

Liz couldn't take it and fell asleep


Half Blood Prince Teaser Trailer

Can't effin' wait!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Watchmen Trailer

Sure, the effects may be really great but I could care less for it. The trailer did nothing for me except made me say "ooo, shiny blue men". I don't have a clue what the stories about, who the main character is and what the struggle of that main character is.

Pretty Entertaining Star Wars Video


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Batman: Gotham Knight Review

Essentially this is the Animatrix to The Dark Knight and it's just as awesome, aside from the bridge-factor. Like Animatrix bridged the Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolution, Gotham Knight does not do that so well from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight. Still, there are six decent or very good animations packed into this hour and fifteen minute straight-to-DVD. Because it was split in six different shorts I'll review each short on it's own and then give an overall review at the end.

Note, I have had absolutely no exceptions of Gotham Knight and had no idea of its goal to have it as a gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight so I'm going to review it as a stand-alone rather than a bridge like did. Also, aside from the animated series, I am a virgin to all things Batman and I've just recently gotten into it (example: just read "The Killing Joke"). IGN mentioned that most of the themes in these shorts have previously been covered but to me they were completely new so I was thrilled. So, enough of my intro-babbling. Onto my review.

The Good of Gotham Knight: Have I Got A Story For You
I love seeing a story from the perspective of the citizen's of Gotham, especially the teens of Gotham, which this first story covers. Four skateboarding kids tell of their encounter with Batman that day in very extraordinary fashion. Each interpretation gave way to a different Batman. One batman was a "living shadow" while another was an actual flying bat while another was a giant robot, which was pretty cool. At the end the real batman shows up and I won't give away the ending but it was a nice short.

The Bad of Gotham Knight: Have I Got A Story For You
It was a sweet and simple short. Nothing bad about it.

TOTAL: (8.5/10)

The Good of Gotham Knight: Crossfire
Now we see my Batman from the perspective of the cops over at the Major Crimes Unit of Gotham. This is the first short to feature another character from The Dark Knight: Officer Ramirez. This was an okay short. It's nice to see that a good cop is actually against Batman and his ideals which causes conflict with Gordon and Ramirez.

The action sequence was pretty cool once Batman got in the mix.

The Bad of Gotham Knight: Crossfire
I didn't like the voice of Gordon in this and the prison scene I didn't entirely get.

TOTAL: (7/10)

The Good of Gotham Knight: Field Test

The Bad of Gotham Knight: Field Test
Field test is probably the weakest short of the whole package.

TOTAL: (6.5/10)

The Good of Gotham Knight: In Darkness Dwells

The Bad of Gotham Knight: In Darkness Dwells

TOTAL: (8.5/10)

The Good of Gotham Knight: Working Through Pain

The Bad of Gotham Knight: Working Through Pain

TOTAL: (9/10)

The Good of Gotham Knight: Deadshot

The Bad of Gotham Knight: Deadshot

TOTAL: (9/10)