Saturday, July 26, 2008

Inner-City Filmmakers Day 11-30, Week Three & Week Four

From Day 11-19 I don't remember what happened to be completely honest.

DAY 20, Week Three
Today was boring. An Assistant Director came in and told us how to schedule.

DAY 21, Week Three
Today was cool, we got to direct actors in the first section and they said I did well because I gave them the "subtext" of their characters! Woot! Brownie points! I also got to act a bit and Ivan gave me props.

Camera Class was fun too. Again, I got to be an actor ... with Whoopi. I've sworn to him I wouldn't say what kind of scene we did though ;)

DAY 22, Week Three
We watched Volver for writing class which I didn't like. We were deciphering how a feature film is really like six short thirty minute films compiled together where the first two sets are Act 1, the second four sets are Act II, and the final two sets are Act III. Pretty cool, I'll be sure to think about that while I'm writing the feature to Whoopi vs. SilentBat III: The Corruption which I still need to do a treatment for.

DAY 23, Week Three
Today we went to Universal Studios which was ultra great! My group went to the preservation/reservation center where they maintain and reinvigorated all the old films. Then we came back to see how they did the sound for The Incredible Hulk.

Then we had an amazing guess speaker who was in charge of marketing for films. He could predict how much money a movie would make and could remember the money a movie got ten years ago! Good fun! We kept asking him unrelated questions that he kept answering though.

DAY 24, Week Three
This day actually started with CSUN registration which was extremely boring. Never again, never again. I'm already not liking the school.

When I got to Santa Monica my team was editing. We did some more editing but I can't believe how boring our professor makes editing seem :(

DAY 25, Week Three
Casting Sessions! Well, today wasn't my casting day but I did enjoy seeing people coming in and auditioning for other roles, especially Brian's film: Let it Out.

DAY 26, Week Four
MY CASTING SESSIONS WERE BRILLIANT! For a short time I had a delima though because there was an Asian girl who came in that I liked more than this other person I thought I would pick but I had no asian daddies. Lo and behold, a hispanic daddy who could pass for a mixed Asian comes in and auditioned and was fantastic! Whew!

Actually, here is the cast:




Day 27, Week Four
I can't believe we did our group presentations of our films today! It was close to call. We weren't exactly ready but we pulled through.

Day 28, Week Four
WE WENT TO WARNER BROTHER'S BACKLOT, and we got to shoot on it! ... enough said.

Day 29, Week Four
Don't remember what happen this day.

Day 30, Week Four
Final prep for our shoot went better than I thought it was. Erick's film Triumph was first up the next day.


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