Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Inner-City Filmmakers Day 2, Week One

Today was just as awesome as the first. What I discovered is how attached I already was/am to the class of '08. I'm pretty emotional sometimes and I get attached easily but this program has me beyond attached. With school, I didn't feel that at all. I was not attached to anyone or anything there, except for my closest films and maybe the films I made there. For the first time, I think I may cry at a graduation ceremony. I love the people apart of the program, I really do. We all help each other out I haven't seen too much selfish, or any selfishness at all between anyone in the program.

Anyway, the morning started with us being split into two groups of sixteen-seventeen. The first class we had was about directing where we learned about vision of a director and what it is they do exactly. Then we watched films and critiqued them. We distinguished what we liked and what we didn't like. What camera shots worked or did not work, what performances were good and which were bland. Our professor was really chill, extremely chill. I honestly couldn't ask for a better directing teacher for free! At the end of class we were given an assignment to draw out storyboards for a sequence the teacher described. Once those are done I'll post them.

Lunch came and we had pretty much nothing I could eat. If you know me well you'll know that I am a Pescotarian, which means vegetarian who also eats aquatic animal protein (click here for the urban dictionary definition). Today, all they had was chicken, spinach, potato salad and this macaroni salad. Pretty much all I ate was the spinach, which was pretty good, the potato salad, which tasted funny and the macaroni salad which had to much of whatever was on it. In any case, people made a big deal that I was a Pescotarian like they always do when the first find out. There first impression is that it's the reason for me being skinny which is really a bunch of baloney and ignorance. One could have an entire diet of rice and become as huge as a Sumo Wrestler. I do do it for health reasons though, much like other Pescotarians who "often [are Pescotarians] because of health reasons." It's hard for my to digest "bird" meat as urban dictionary called it and cow and pork. Before, I could but once my father and my family tried out being vegetarians and I went back to eating meat in middle school with my mom it would hurt my stomach, not always, but often. But anyhow, after lunch ended it was off to my first cinematography class.

The class was fun but I must admit that it was a bit more tiresome than the first class. For the first bit the professor was just talking at us instead of with us like our first teacher but once we started diving into the camera and how we would use it I was completely engaged. I did know a majority of the camera's functions but I certainly learned a lot more about it that I did not know. The stuff that was completely new to me was the lighting stuff. Sure, I knew what a key light, fill light and back light was but I really didn't understand the relationship it plays on a subject and soft lights versus hard lights. I definitely will be diving into lightning in my film for the graduation ceremony. In all the films I've done I don't think I've ever touched lights, I just hoped that the practical lighting would do the trick. Our assignment at the end of class was to get leather gloves, pretty simple.

After the class we had a bit of a break and I tried to go to Jamba Juice but it was closed at six! I know ... ridiculous! The break was pretty long and I got to talk to some of the other students which is always fun for me.

When break ended we headed back upstairs for our last activity which was a guest speaker. The guest speaker, Bob Grigg, was a professional photographer who got in deep with Hell's Angels, a reputable Motorcycle/Mafia organization. He had some very nice photographs. There was one in particular that really got me. It was a photo of Hell's Angels on this highway and it was the most beautifully framed photo I've honestly ever seen. Bob was a great guy and we were so lucky to have him as a guest speaker. His Japan photos were also super swell.

This program is being so great to us :)

Photos courtesy of Whoopi


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