Sunday, July 6, 2008

Spontaneous Sunday

Today was a little busy for me. I planed to do several things which included giving Lillian her birthday gift (her birthday was January 20), making copes of my group's scripts for Inner-City Filmmakers, and finding places that would donate food to me for the same program.

When I got to Lillian's I texted her but she didn't answer so I was considering just leaving the gift on her doormat and going to do other stuff but then right when I was about to leave she texted me back and I called her saying I was outside her door. She didn't believe me and thought I was in my room cause she could hear music which was coming out of my headphones but eventually she came out and we went to Denny's (see below).

Her gift to me: A key chain with a picture of us, a card, and this iron-on bead thing.

My gift to her: Love & Basketball Soundtrack with personalized cover.
The reason I personalize the cover is because when I ordered it it came with no cover book, so I made my own.

Before I went back to L.A. she gave me some water from her college

When I got back to Los Angeles I made copies of my group's scripts for tomorrow. I was going to do it at Magic Machine at first, it's a place where we get free copies for being Inner-City Filmmakers but they aren't open on weekends! So I went back home and just did it on my computer (but this would be the only time cause I had to make a bunch of copies). Anyway, after that I debated with myself whether I'd go out to various shops to get some donated food but it was already getting pretty late and I didn't want to ride all the way to Trader Joe's and Noah's Bagel and then try and get on a crowded bus back so I'm setting that errand to Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe.


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lilly ann said...

A really good surprise, totally didnt believe you at first tho haha.

You forgot bout the coaster from bubba gump! lol
good times

I loved my gift btw, I listened to it right away and adored it! thank you so much! :]