Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July 2008

Went to see WALL-E by myself and scooted on my scooter three/four miles from Pacific Theaters to my brother's friend's house, Ruben's to light some firecrackers, be feed delicious food, watching the first Harry Potter movie and play Smash Bros Brawl.



lilly ann said...

aww you shouldve saw it with me!
i saw it too, and gave just bout the same rating as you
i liked it! :]

we need to see each other...NOW

*_*Antoine*_* said...

Dude I seriously was considering coming out see you, if not to see you but to drop off your present. I think I may tomorrow.

lilly ann said...

WOW YOU TOTALLY SUPRISED ME THIS MORNING!! It was good seeing you and hanging out with you again!

when i said i need to see you NOW
it really worked...wowzers

really fun day :]