Thursday, July 10, 2008

Inner-City Filmmakers Day 8, Week Two


Cinematography is totally not for me. The only fun I had today was the time I had with actually getting hands-on with the camera but everything else was gibberish to me. Cinematography is a different technical language in film that I am not interested in getting involved with. Like I said before, the only time I felt comfortable is when I actually got to get on a very nice 35 mm camera that had a worth about $400,000. I love composting and framing shots, I feel I have a good eye for it. I even did some cool things with the focus. First I had this one kid in the foreground in focus and then I switched to another student in the back of the room who seemed lonely. The quality was amazing the the picture was huge! But that was truly the only thing I was into.

Talking about exposure and camera models and new technology for film and the battle between film and digital really bored me. I guess I'm more into editing and directing. For once, I can finally narrow a few things down and I can knock cinematography off of my list. I'm more interested in the story-telling of the film and I did not feel cinematography had much pull to that. I am very aware that how one frames or lights a shot plays into the story as well but really the basis of it all was a lot of foreign photography language to me. Bleh. Tomorrow is editing and more time to refine our stories so I'm really looking forward to that.

I felt like I slept-walked through today.


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