Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hancock Review

Supehero movie after superhero movie. Wouldn't Hollywood think we were tired of these web-slinging, super-flying, claw-killing superheroes? I mean, we even have television show titled Heroes! In this summer alone we are seeing at least four or five superhero movies. Why should we go out and see this film Hancock? Well for one, it's just different. It doesn't play out like most other superhero movies. It felt like the old school comic book society where pedestrians and villians were quite ridiculous. Hancock is surely not set in any sort of reality even by the standards of newer superhero movies are going (i.e. Iron Man and Incredible Hulk). Actually, Hancock reminded me of Meteor Man and Blank Man which had some pretty wacky societies. Also, they were both two failed African-American superhero movies. Sure, Blank Man was meant for shear comedy but Meteor Man had something behind it, a moral, a backbone.

The scene above actually reminds me a lot about the theme of Hancock, or at least, what I thought the theme was in Act I (I'll go over that more later). I mean, a message like that is great and I really hoped Hancock would have had a similar communication, especially with gangs of L.A., but it stirred in a completely different direction which was not bad but left me less satisfied. Hancock, instead focused on the comedy of a wreck of a superhero to his ascend to a public icon.

The Good of Hancock
The comedy is where the strength of Hancock lies. If you even have the tiniest bit of a sense of humor you are sure to chuckle a bit. Will Smith pulls it off, of course. I haven't seen a mediocre or uninteresting character/role for him in sometime but he has had them. He had a pretty good relationship with Jason Bateman but I didn't fell much between him and Charlize Theron, except for when the huge twist happens at the middle of the film. There were some really funny moments in this film, especially the segment of Hancock-You Tube videos where he's trying to save all these people but just fails. The ice cream truck and whale in particular are very hilarious.

The CGI for this film was pretty neat. I could tell when Hancock was CG but I didn't' mind it so much, I bought it. I did want to see more flying though because there is this one shot where he comes straight at the camera that makes him look like a super awesome flying hero. I don't think we've ever seen a drunk and flying superhero. That was fun to watch. They animated that very well, making him tilt in his flight like one who tilts in their step when they are drunk.

Oh, and I totally called that twist!

The Bad of Hancock
Like I said before I honestly thought the moral of the story was heading in a different direction. Actually, don't even think I caught the moral of the film because I was so caught up in what I thought it should be. I really was expecting Hancock to get up in front of Los Angeles and asked them what they've all done to help themselves but in a profound way much like in Meteor Man but then it became this odd cross between an action/love story and I won't go to far into that cause it gives a lot away (actually, I probably have already given a lot away by saying that).

I really didn't like the cinematic choices either. The shakey camera just wasn't doing it for me during the talking scenes and they had a lot of snap-in shots in the wrong places. For action, I'm all over using a camera handheld but I think it was used way to often. There wasn't enough static moments within the film and sometimes it needed a static moment or two.

The ending bugged me as well. It was very cheesy, no, extremely cheesy but it's easy to get over it as long as you give them a break.

They beat us over the head with his "tick-off" weakness thing which was triggered by a single word.

Conclusion of Hancock
It was good. Definitely not great. It does not surpass any of the other comic book movies I've seen thus far (i.e. Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Wanted). Really though, it can't be compared because it's really in a league of its own. If anything you could compare it vaguely to Iron Man by its entertainment and comedic flavor. Simple enough story, very nice twist and just wished it went in a more profound and broad subject, but again, if I go into it any further I'm going to give stuff away. Go see it for yourself, but try not to bring small children.

Story: Good start, weaker ending. (6.5/10)
Action: Well done. I was a bit on the edge of my seat at the end of it. (8.5/10)
Special FX: Passable. I could tell it was CGI but it didn't bug me too much. ( (7.5/10)
Pacing: It paced alright but I think we were beat over the head with some of the character aspects that could have been cut to make everything more close-knit and tight. (7.5/10)
Editing: I guess it was alright. Nothing distinctive. (7.5/10)
Recommeded: Yes, but only to those who are 10+ years of age because there is a lot a language. No F bombs but there is just a lot of B-words and A-words used liberally.

TOTAL: (7.5/10)


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There is one F bomb when he is arguing with the crowd of people after saving Ray from getting hit by the train