Monday, August 4, 2008

Twilight Short Review

I learned about Twilight through the MuggleCast. They created a new site just for Twilight (I'll give them a plug here). On the podcast they mentioned that Harry Potter fans are supposed to really like this series as well. Well, they've been saying this for a while, months now, and I never once thought to take a look at the book. Then, the movie trailer came out and I didn't think much on it. Then, there was a Harry Potter vs. Twilight thing on Reelzchannel on YouTube. Still, I had no urgency to read the book. I mentioned, while copying my script at the Inner-City Filmmakers headquarters, that I had never read the book and the film didn't look too interesting to me, to which one of the students told me she would let me borrow the book. Now, the way most people have described the book to me is that it's a sexier version of Harry Potter. While the "sexier" bit may very well be true it is nothing like Harry Potter in entertainment or quality. It's a simple love story which fell short of my expectations. Still though, I enjoyed the book, reading it in about three days time with a busy schedule.

First, the book does not deserve the praise it has received. For instance, Amazon has claimed it to be the best book of the decade and New York Time's made it it's Editor's Choice. It certainly is not the best book of the decade and it should not have and Editor's Choice from New York Times but I'm glad that my difference of opinion did not tarnish my opinion of the book. I don't even like Napolean Dynamite because it's so overhyped, but I'm still okay with Twilight but the more I see people giving it praise where praise is not deserved, especially towards what looks like a terrible film, it makes me cringe.

The book essentially is a love story between a female human, Isabella, and a male vampire, Edward. The attraction Edward has to Isabella is the same attraction he has for the taste of her blood, which causes some conflict in their relationship, of course. But I did not think it was played out as well as it could have. There was no huge conflict between the two with Edward nearly killing Isabella or anything like that. Instead, towards the end of the book the author flips the story and sends it in another direction, making another vampire chasing after Isabella while Edward protects her. This, among some other things in the story, felt too convenient. Plus, some of the scenes between Isabella and Edward were very cheesy, a lot of sappy "I love yous" and "I never want to be without yous" and "Don't want to lose yous", typical lovey dovey stuff.

I did not believe in Isabella and her character. She accepted Edward as a vampire too easily. His vampire family never seemed to struggle with her enough except for one member which through me off because early on in the book Edward said he had one supporter in his family: Alice.

I did not like how the book set itself up for a sequel. In Harry Potter, each book could be taken for it's own self-contained story but Twilight thrives on being a series, which I did not like. Because of this, not a lot of characters came full circle for me and there were a lot of unsatisfied stories.

And don't get me started on the typos I found in the book.

I know I'm focusing more on the cons than the pros but really the book isn't that great to focus on the positive and I'm annoyed to know that people hold it in such high esteem when it's so mediocre and written with no flare.

All around, a 3 out of 5 and the cover has nothing to do with the book.

Oh, and the film looks completely terrible.

EDIT: The cover is supposed to represent the forbidden fruit in the story of Adam & Eve.

Also in reply to an anonymous comment I recieved I guess it would seem I did not like the book eventhough I clearly stated at the beginning of my little review that I did enjoy it but I did not think it was as great as people give it credit for. Again, here is clarification: I liked the book (certainly did not love it) but it was downright mediocre and was not as amazing as people give it praise for.



Anonymous said...

Alright someone needs to relax and quit being such a hater. You have to realize that you are reading a ROMANCE novel so get over the "I love yous" for a sec, kay? Granted it wasn't as good as HP but what is? HP was an incredibly well writen and well organized book. You have to understand the difference in writing for these books. HP was plot driven while Twilight was character driven. A significant difference as I'm sure you'll agree. I get that you don't like the book but the HP fandom has to move on, seriously.

What actually got me to write this comment was about the cover. The cover has nothing to do with it or you just didn't understand? The cover represents temptation. Ya know, the forbidden fruit? Both Edward and Bella know they shouldn't be together. It goes against nature but they can't resist just as Eve couldnt in the garden of eden. The quote from Genesis in the beginning of the book would have explained it. Didn't mean to come down on you but I obviously didn't agree. Props on Mugglecast though, thats how I was finally convinced to read it.

*_*Antoine*_* said...

I never said I didn't like it, just that it's over-hyped.