Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Moon Short Review

New Moon is much better to me than Twilight but still not great by any means and I discovered what bugs me the most about the series. It feels more plot driven than character driven to me. I feel like the book moves forward by the things that happen in the film, not by the characters who live in the book. Like I mentioned with Twilight, things just felt too convenient, too well placed, too unreal. I don't mean "unreal" in the means of vampires and werewolves but by the reactions of the people around them. The book needs to be grounded. The only thing done right in the book is the love element and that's really what the story is about so big points for that but Bella is so slow when it comes to figuring certain things out, I think. I don't think Meyer gives her enough credit. She seems like a smart girl but sometimes she can't put two-and-two together when it's right in front of her nose. Also, the book's editor should be fired because their were typos up the butt hole in this book. Now the reason I'm so annoyed with typos is that it takes me out of the book. Like with any story, if their is a mistake, you are taken out of it. If you are watching a film and you can tell the blood is fake you are taken out of the story. If you are watching a speech and someone stutters over a word you are taken out of the engagement you might have had with it. If you see a typo or missing words you are taken out of the story you are trying to get into. That happen countless times with me in New Moon even more so than in Twilight. I'm surprised this could happen with such a popular book.

I know a lot of folks put up a Jacob vs. Edward thing and now I understand. The battle easily goes to Edward. He is the one who truly loves Bella. In fact, I would go as far to say that Jacob doesn't love Bella at all really or at least, he is immature. Edward mentions near the end of the book that werewolves are immature which I'm really glad he said because while Bella and Jacob were getting close I really analyzed their relationship to her's and Edward's. It's not really fair, really. Edward has a century worth of maturity while Jacob has about fifteen years. In either case, the things Bella and Jacob did together and the way their relationship progressed was really high school. Jacob was extremely jealous and told on her at the end when he was really jealous of Edward. His reason for getting her in trouble was not to protect, although that's what he says, he really was trying to keep her away from Edward, showing he really doesn't love her. For if he could truly love her he would gladly let her go. He would enjoy that Edward came back and that she was so much more happy. Edward would. He's been able to resist his urge to kill her altogether. He spent the whole book staying away from her to keep her safe when he really didn't want to. Jacob just can't away and see her happy. I'm ranting. I'm going to stop.

New Moon is definitely better than Twilight but still not the great book series that people seem to be raving about.


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