Friday, August 15, 2008

Clone Wars Review

It was okay, just okay. If you are not a Star Wars fan don't go. If you are a Star Wars fan and you're bored and have extra time on your hands go ahead and see the film. It didn't add to the universe of Star Wars much at all and it definitely did not add to its lure. To me, it was a an hour and a half long TV show. If you did not already know this was The Clones Wars's debut before it played regularly on cartoon network. The film really played out like three episdoes and less like a feature which is what hurt it most. Plus, many things in the film were very convenient. It's definitely targeted at a much younger audience. The humor was very simple but the thing I was surprised with most is how slow the opening was. Just a mindless battle. Cool action stuff but not enough to hold me over, watching droids and clones being destroyed for twenty minutes. Still, it had some very entertaining points and I got a few laughs, a few big laughs too. In essence though, it felt like a demo to the television series.

The Good of The Clone Wars
Entertainment. It was entertaining and visually stunning. The style was great. It was like the 2D Clone Wars series turned 3D. There were a few points in the film that made me seriously laugh out loud. Some may think the droids are annoyingly stupid but I loved them! The comedy with the Jawas was fantastic as well.

The Bad of The Clone Wars
Early on I know most of fans concern laid with Clone Wars being a real authentic movie or just three episodes. Well, even though they said it was made to be a film it really was just three episodes. I'm sure in the offices an conversation went like this.

Lights go up after George Lucas and company watch the first three episodes of The Clone Wars series.

George Lucas: That was great! How about we turn it into movie. Get rid of all the commercial breaks and splice 'em all together.

Company: Great idea sir! Yes, fantastic! Fans will love it, Mr. Lucas!

George Lucas: Aha! Money, money, money! $$$ Suckers ...

I guess that makes the pain better than. If I tell myself that these were just three episodes and not made to be a film.

Also ... TOO MANY DUTCH ANGLES IN THE WRONG PLACES! And when they were in the right places I didn't care for them because they were so redundant.

Conclusion of The Clone Wars
It was an okay film but if set as three separate episdoes would have been much better. Good thing we got to see it on the big screen though before it is dumbed down the for the small tube (which I can't even watch because I don't have cable).

TOTAL: (6/10)

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