Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Take It Back

I take what I said about the Twilight film back. I saw a few scenes and I may actually see it. The trailer, to me, is not well done though and really put me off but the field trip scene on saw on YouTube I liked quite a bit.

Also, today I went to Barnes & Nobles (I'm actually a Borders fan) to read a bit out of New Moon which is the sequel to Twilight. I'm two chapters in and I'm much more pleased with it. My main complaint about Twilight was that I did not feel a threat to Bella's life with Edward thirsting for her blood but in the second chapter there was a physical conflict that came up when she got a paper cut. Also, I really enjoy Bella's character a lot more and here want and her fears. In this second book she fears growing old because she'll die and be without Edward who is immortal. That's the sort of thing I wanted to see in the first book but I guess it was more of an introduction and this next book will dive in deeper to these complex characters.


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