Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day At CSUN

Today was my first day at the California State University of Northridge. It was pretty cool, although I was late to my first class. I thought leaving my house two hours before it started would have been enough but it wasn't. The metro is really slow and the only reliable transport apart of the system is the red line, orange line and other lines. The buses themselves are really crap. Big Blue Bus all the way! Much more comfortable and much more organized and cheaper! I guess that means I'll have to start leaving two hours and a half early (bleh).

My first class was speech (I don't have to take English because I passed my AP!). When I came in the professor was wrapping up on an introduction on our self and we started introducing ourselves. I was glad to see a few Hamilton kids there and a girl from orientation I met. Our first assignment was to interview a classmate and make a speech about then. She also said we had to watch at least two of the convention speeches so I might catch Michelle Obama on YouTube and Barrack Obama on TV later on in the week. I'll also have to read a two chapters out of the book I don't yet have. In the coming weeks we'll be watching The Great Debators and Nate Parker is going to come out to speak to us. Very cool.

My second class started ten minutes after my first and was, of course, across campus (I'm going to start bringing my scooter). My second class was Art 100. The teacher is completely insane but I like here. She's really hyper and has a short attention span. A lot like the teachers at Hamilton most times. She gave us a lot to do for homework. I have to buy a lot of supplies I can't really afford at the moment but I'll have to figure something out.

Oh and it was like 100 degrees in Northridge. I definitely will not get use to that kind of heat. All and all though, it was an okay day.



Meme said...

woah antoine. u and college.
hami and Camie will miss ur greatness
luv ya
camie...aka meme

LiL said...

art supplies are SO EXPENSIVE
goodness. i feel your pain