Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hip Hop Saved My Life Video is Here!

The video was cool. Typical, but cool. I didn't like the bit of special effects that were in there. Bit cheesey in my opinion. I'd still have to say "Kick, Push" or "Dumb it Down" are my favorites, closely followed by "Hip Hop Saved My Life" then "SuperStar" and then "I Gotcha" and then "Daydreamin'" (hated the effects in that video and Lupe's terrible acting) and then "Failure" and then "Emperor's Soundtrack".

(The video keeps getting deleted from YouTube but you can watch this instead):

This won't be deleted, it's from Lupe's YouTube:

While looking for the video on YouTube I found this:



Anonymous said...

i gotcha is better then all of those..
to me

and iill watch emporors soundtrack cuz i never saw that one
and its one of the better songs off food and liquor to me

*_*Antoine*_* said...

meh ... "I gotcha" is really flashy and just him and pharell rappin' on a green screen. doesn't do much. doesn't tell much of a story, doens't evoke any emotion in me except! oo! flashy lights! ooo look there are video games and joy sticks floating around his head and ooo girls are dancing with a backdrop of chicago and it flips around and lupe is rappin' on the other side.

WHOOPI said...

hahaha thats the difference between me and you antoine. I love flashy shit and if it doesn't have a story the flashyness makes up for it because it's pleasing to the eye. You like stories and some effects but only a mellow amount of effects.But the the story is pleasing to your brain.....w/e that means.

*_*Antoine*_* said...

Yeah, I agree with you Whoopi completely.