Monday, March 10, 2008

A Commercial & Lock on the SMPL!

I have some potentially epic news! When I went to my 7th period Technical Theater class today (now I want to hit myself for even thinking of switching out), one of the three teachers, JP, who is really the head of the hard-work around the theater (Ms. Z & Ms. Chorna do more of the business) told me that he would like me to make an official thirty second commercial for the upcoming musical Oklahoma! Well, at first he made it sound like nothing. He said, "Oh can you do a quick little commercial/montage for the musical? I know you are doing the opening titles for the drama (Grapes of Wrath, see below) already but this should be easy for you right?" So then he starts pointing to this rough storyboard of how the commercial will play out with titles cards and video sequences of previous musical productions and then a little box that said "Montage". In my head I'm thinking, this'll be pretty fun to do and then he tells me that at first they would like to put this commercial on YouTube and spread it around and if they (they being the Music Academy) like my commercial enough they may endorse it to be placed up on TV!!! Yes! You heard it! TV! Yes! TV that stands for Television! So he tells me what needs to be done, which included going to Mr. Way to get the DVDs of the previous music productions so after JP was done talking to me I dashed over there and talk to him about how we would convert the DVDs into a format suitable for me to edit on and he said I should have the DVDs by the end of the week! I really do hope this doesn't fall through. I've been offered multiple semi-professional projects this year that have all not gone well, but I'm really going to press this one and make the best possible commercial I can make at this moment. I'm going to try and exhaust all my editing and compositing muscle with this one, it will be great to have on a resume.

Also, in the same news of Music Academy Productions, I have made a rough edit on the opening titles of the upcoming Spring Drama: Grapes of Wrath. They are looking pretty good ... still very rough, I still have to flush out my ideas.

I filmed more scenes for the music video I'm doing based of one of Lupe Fiasco's mixtapes called "And He Gets The Girl." I did one of the quickest shots ever at lunch. Mr. Taguchi (who is the music teacher who plays a music teacher in the video) had to leave to do a faculty meeting so we shot his whole scene which consisted of four shots in about five minutes time. Twas lots of fun. This video is fun to do.

I'm developing a script for a Harry Potter fanfilm but I'm not too sure that's going to get of the ground. But, like "The Devil's Company (2:05-5:53)", (another short film I have scripted but never got to shoot) I'm going to put it on the shelf until I have the means of shooting it.

One more project that I think may happen is a music video with Red Robot. Nothing is decided and it's in the very early stages of discussion and script development but I think it could honestly work.

But what about Whoopi vs. SilentBat II? What's up with my most talked about project? My most cherished? My "senior project"!? Well there is some really good news on that front. First, just last week we got a full rough edit done and showed it to a select few and generally we got good comments. So now we are going full force in the post-production phase of the film which includes lightsabers, color grading, ADR, general compositing and etc. etc. Next week we should be heading into ADR at this studio one of our friends have. I think I'm going to record a few foley sounds as well. Second, today I went to confirm out spot in the Santa Monica Public Library's Martin Luther King Jr. Auditorium (see pictures below).

Today Whoopi gave me his half of the pay to rent the place and I barely made it on time before the administration closed. In fact, the doors were locked but I called them ahead of time and they opened the door for me!!
The Santa Monica Public Library is very very nice. They have this river/bridge thing in their courtyard that looks very zen and calming. I've been in the theater and it feels very homey as well. This is going to be a nice premiere but the downside to it is that it coincides with one of the musicals dates at my school so a few people who I know are looking forward to it and are fans won't be able to see it. But if this is the case for anyone they can come to the private screening in Ms. I's room like we did last year. Ms. I's room definitely is a more intimate atmosphere but I don't think it will amount to what the Library will hold :(
Also, to anyone who is wondering where the videoblogs have gone for the past month well ... let's just say they are going on an extended hiatus until June (until I get my MacBook Pro for my grad present). I'll put out a SilentBat in Sixty Seconds soon to explain further.


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