Sunday, March 16, 2008

Final Duel Sequence 1 and Hangin' with Mae

Today was very fun. Very eventful. First I went over Whoopi's to dump off some footage to him. What kind of footage! Well the final version of the 1/3 sequence of the final duel with completed lightsaber effects! Woot! So I got there and we sat on the porch, watching it on his mom's Mac Book Pro and it looked amazing on her screen! Amazing!
After, we watched the full rough edit together and went over some additional notes verbally which helps because you can only communicate so much online.

I must say again that the display made my work seem spectacular. But uh-oh! I was at Whoopi's for too long! It was already nearing two o'clock and I had to get to Universal City Walk by four to watch a movie with Mae Catt and her friends. Dash I went.

So on the way home on the bus from Whoopi I realized my phone only had 2/3 bars and I would have to charge it if I wanted to get home later on. So I had to post-pone going to the City Walk another thirty minutes. I get home and I plug in my phone and once it got to be 2:25 I had everything set and way ready to go but when I unplugged my phone it hadn't charged at all and I realized that this whole time the charger wasn't plugged into the wall! So I plugged it in again and charged it for five minutes and left.

When I got outside I waited for the Rapid bus but while I waited two regular buses passed by and I was like "man, if I took those they would have gotten me there faster than just waiting for this rapid" so I vowed to myself that if a regular bus came before the Metro Rapid I would take it and that's what I did when it came by but lo and behold behind it the Rapid! Argh! It was 3:00 and I had to get to the subway redline by 3:12. Could I make it? Well, not exactly. The Rapid that I could have been on zoomed away and I think I got there at 3:22 but the apparently the red line had been running late so I had actually caught it on time. But still. It was pretty close to 4:00.

When I got off the redline eit had to be 3:32 and I saw that I had to climb this tall hill to get up to the city walk so I called Mae, in my head, admitting defeat. So I tell her I'm "here, but not here and that I'm about to be late" when she says, "oh! do yo see a tram nearby?" and guess what? I was walking right pass it. So I hopped on and it got me there in a lot faster time than if I had walked.

The place was crowded in certain parts.

Eventually though I made my way to the cinema.
We were going to see Horton Hears a Who at 4:00 o'clock.

When I got in line it was 3:56.

When I got my ticket it had to be four and when I turned the corner there was Mae behind the glass door and we went into the theater. I honestly couldn't believe I made it. The whole time there I was like, darn I'm going to be late, and I was planning on being EARLY.

The movie was alright. Just another animated children's flick. After eating we were to go to some "park" that no one seemed to know about but this one chick named Amanda.

Once we got there, to Mae, Jon (guy in the photos below) and Julio's surprise (because we didn't believe there was a park). Jon had a NYFA jacket and I had to take the picture just for Whoopi.

He showed us some surgical wounds he had too. Pretty sweet. I forgot what his surgery was but he had tubes till running through him.



jon navales said...

tre cool.

*_*Antoine*_* said...

You comin' to the screening tomorrow?