Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heroes Soundtrack Sucks

Thank God for iTunes. If it did not exist and I could not preview the soundtrack before I bought it I would have wasted $9.99. The only song that was worth my time was track 2: Fire and Regeneration which was the only score on the album aside from the opening title theme which was a whopping twelve seconds! I would have got that too but it was "Album Only" like a lot of the other songs. The main issue I had with the Heroes Soundtrack is that it wasn't the music from the. And by that I mean it was none of the scores, save for track 2 as I mentioned. Instead, it was filled with songs of bands or singers singing songs, but none of which was part of any Heroes episode. Sigh. So if you see this in Borders or Barnes and Noble and you're a fan of Heroes and you think you are about to get a soundtrack of the score, please refrain.


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