Monday, February 25, 2008

Whoopi vs SilentBat II in 5 Seconds

Well I just finish up my portion of Whoopi vs. SilentBat II's full rough edit and this is all of it in 5 seconds. ENJOY!:
Now to do some homework.


Stage6 closing down due to lack in funds (Read Here)
Now where to put Whoopi vs. SilentBat II in High-Def ....


My little adventure (IM conversation-style):

let me get you a aprelude
tomorrow is the first day of shooting for my first music video
and in the lyrics the girl is like "i want to be an oncologist, and diagnose tumors"
and the guy in one of his lines is like "you might see me with the cooler, that's cause i don't eat pork. you can never be sure of"
so i wanted running gag
where in each scene teh girl would have her oncology book
and the boy would have his cooler
alright so i had to get the book today
and ....
you with me?
so for the shoot tomorrow
i had to get a book on oncology
cause you know in "and he gets the girl" she's like "i want to be an oncologist and diagnose tumors"
so i wanted to have a running gag
with the nerd and the cheerleader
that somewhere in the scene
they always had their cooler or oncology book
i went to library near my house
but of course they dont have it
he's like "you have to go to central library"
and i tell my gma "i have to go to central library downtown"
and she's like "that kinda far and i won't be able to make my [jehovah witness] meeting"
so she's like "i'll drop you off and you can take the bus back in scary-old downtown
so while we were driving down
i got really squared
i don't like downtown at all
no so much teh peeps on teh ground
but just the risk of a terrorist attack and i kept thing "cloverfield ..."
but anyway
i get out the car and go inside the the place is HUGE!
there was literally
a sublevel underground
for mor space
so i go around about to get lost and i ask this lady and i'm like "this place scares me ... it's huge, where do i go to go "so-and-so" book
and she smiles and gives me a map
and i'm like you have a MAP!
and she smiles again and sends me on my way
so i go to the science second two levels below ground!
and i get the book
then i get ready to go to
the bus
but i'm stopped by this bum
and he's like "i need a dollar" basically
he was saying a lot of toehr stuff like
"cops" "probation" "40 hours of community services"
you know, normal bum stuff
and he's like "jsut a dollar man, just a dollar"
and i'm like "let me do you one better. here's five dollars" (i was feeling pretty good)
and he's like "you're a good man! do you believe in jesus!?"
and i'm like no
and he's llike "i can see in your eyes your a good man"
and i'm like "gotta go there's my bus" cause my bus really was there
and he's like "I APPRECIATE IT!"
and i'm like "ENJOY IT!"
sweet guy
i got on the bus and this other bum starts talking to me
cause he saw i had the book and was like "are you studying medicine?"
and i'm like "no, this is just a prop for a film i'm doing."
and he's like "i have a nephew who's into that film stuff."
and we started talking about film
then he gets off the bus
and this lady sits next to me
and i start falling asleep and wake up with a jerk of the bus and she's there just kind-heartedly smiling at me
and i'm like "sorry"
and she's like "where's your stop?"
and i'm like "st andrews"
and she's like "i'll help you get there"
and i'm like "thanks"
and she tapped me when we got c lose
then i got home


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