Tuesday, February 19, 2008

David Yates to direct Death Hallows!?

"Lois Lowry, a children's book writer, has updated her online blog with information about The Giver movie. She had hoped Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince director David Yates would be able to direct The Giver. However:

...he has just decided he wants to do the final Harry Potter first, thereby postponing The Giver by several years.

While this is not confirmed by Warner Brothers yet, it appears to be a pretty reliable source."

- MuggleNet.com

I would LOVE if David Yates took on Deathly Hallows. He is my favorite direcor next to Alfonzo Cauron and I really like what he did with Order of the Phoenix, especially the last thirty minutes. Everything about the last thirty minutes was done right and I was totally enthralled in the film. The first twenty minutes of the film was nice too, from the opening titles to the Ministry. You really did feel Harry was feeling alone and cut off.


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