Thursday, February 14, 2008

Making Business Card

NEW YORK (AP) - The "Star Wars" universe, already substantially rendered by computer generated imagery, is giving in all the way to animation. "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," an animated film, will open in theaters Aug. 15 and be followed by a TV series of the same name, to air on the Cartoon Network and TNT this fall. "I felt there were a lot more `Star Wars' stories left to tell," said "Star Wars" creator George Lucas in a statement. "I was eager to start telling some of them through animation and, at the same time, push the animation forward."

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This is great great great and fantastic news! This makes me extremely happy and to know that the film is due out so soon is so great. You know how close August is? That's right around the corner if you think about it! And you know what's even more exciting? "A new character named Ahsoka, Anakin's padawan, will be the first female Jedi to be a character of focus." Anakin had a padawan! I wonder if she'll eventually die or turn to the dark-side. It will be very interesting to see how Anakin will act as a Master. He was never mature enough to even be placed as a Jedi Knight! But this should be great!

So now I wonder if the trailer/sneak peek that put down last summer was actually a sneak peek for the film. I wondered this because the sneak peek was all in 2.34:1 aspect ratio (anamorphic widescreen or "film widescreen"). I thought this could have been just for dramatic effect but now I think I understand that this was a sneak peek for the actual film which makes me all the more happy! And to think some of us Star Wars would have died with the final live-action film!

My only issue. The only issue I have is with the film and television series to come right after is that it will be on Cartoon Network and TNT. And I don't have cable. But who knows, I'll be off to college and may have access to cable and plus modern TV shows are now placing their episodes on their sites on the internet the day after they air. So I may just do that. Should be interesting. It seems Lucasfilm has taken on another sub-company. They've had LucasArts before but now it seems they have Lucasfilm Animation which I assume was created for "The Clone Wars" and we'll go on to do animation for other third-party films.

In any case this is fantastic news!



So today when I went to get my CalGrant sign up sheet I was stop by one of the counselor's from my UCLA VIP Scholars program named Greg and he asked me what I was doing. I told him about the CalGrant and there was this other lady there sitting next to him and she said she also went to UCLA. Greg went on to mention how I did video productions and that I should give her my business card and I was like "I don't have a business card." Then he tells me just make one and give it to my college counselor so she could give it to him when he came back to Hamilton. So I did just that (see below) and I would like to see what you all think.

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Revision: I put a drop shadow on the MITA Monkey and text and I made the monkey bigger. I also took out the Final Cut Pro and Adobe logos out because they were distracting and made the card too busy.
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nice card, mine is real simple it just has my logo on it and needed info

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