Monday, January 12, 2009

Pre-Production Starts Jan 20th

So I haven't blogged in almost a fortnight. After reading some of my blog back when I started I realized how much I'm attached the pictures and photographs to enhance my blog. I have to learn to just deal with text. I still don't have a new point-and-shoot, I'm not sure when I'll get that.

There are some major updates on The Devil's Company which is now being subtitled with "Prologue." Pre-Production officially starts Jan 20th. We may have a combat instructor and in a few weeks we'll be going to the shooting range to train up to be assassins :-D. Sunday we'll be having a first read through. If you are interested in being on the crew just hit me up with an e-mail at In February I'll be holding auditions for various roles. I'm getting a lot of support on this project and I can't wait to start Production and Post (my favs).

Next week I'll be purchasing the Panasonic DVX100B! And a little bit after I should be purchasing a 35mm Adapter called the RNG35, which makes shots look sexy because of the shallow depth of field it gives off, below is a test from someone else's DVX100B.

And here is a fantastic comparision of an image with and without the adapters.

I also just purchased this lightsaber hilt in preparation for the Lightsaber Chreography Competition VII. I'm going to be busing (Greyhound) way out to Ohio this spring to perform, shoot and edit my entry this year with last year's third place winners.

I didn't even mention I'm 19 now. I turned last Saturday.

I just realized my blog entries really suck now. I swear I'll do better. I'm just being really lazy. I don't need pictures and photographs for a blog!


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