Monday, January 19, 2009

Mr. President :-D

For me, Barrack Hussein Obama transcends the mere fact that he is the first African-American president. He is so much more than that. He is an inspiration for so many.

For me, he is not just a president that has made history. The fact that he is African-American does not hit me as hard as it does to those old folks who knew true struggle for equal rights.

For me, I feel foolish for thinking I've struggled at all for the color of my skin. For them, for my generation's grandmother's and grandfather's ... this day was for them.

Do you remember when it was officially announced that Obama was our president-elect? Don't lie and tell me when you saw his smiling face it made you tear up or it hit your heart hard because it wasn't that. It wasn't his victory nor was it ours. It hits you most when you see those old black people, those original political activist crying and tearing up. When you saw Jesse Jackson breakdown there was just so much behind that. When you hear Maya Angelou or Coretta Scott King speak about how it was back then and how much Obama's inauguration means to them now, you know deep down that it's their victory. What they see is Martin Luther King's dream being fulfilled, where a presidental candidate was voted not by the color of his skin but the content of his character.

For me, I will never feel what my elders feel for this victory, for this day, but I can certainly celebrate and clamor with my fist in the air: "Yes We Did!" :-D

Their dreams have been fulfilled. This is their victory. Theirs and so many others.


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QuestionableAnswer said...

I feel the very same.

Antoine were next bro!