Sunday, January 18, 2009

Manfrotto & Coffee Bean

Woke up relatively early today.

Whoopi and I went to the Coffee Bean in Westwood to meet up with a guy from craigslist who was selling a DVX100B (video camera). We were going to meet up with him to check out the camera before I bought it (below is a picture of my check list). It was cool. The guy was chill and the camera was operating well, video and audio alike. I didn't have the money with me because banks are closed Sundays but I'll be picking up the camera on Tuesday. I'm very excited for it. But I did buy something off the guy so he would know I was serious about buying the camera.

Along with the camera he was selling a tripod. At first, I said I was only interested in the camera but then I realized that my tripod had broke many months ago so then I decided to buy his since it was already apart of the "package." I don't know much about tripods but this one looks really sturdy and I messed around with it and it feels really steady. Plus, the only other tripod I had was a generic $20 RadioShack tripod, so this was a big upgrade for me. This one shouldn't break on me in two years (like my RadioShack tripod did).

I made a pretty big dinner today. I made some fried potatoes, brocolli and fish sandwhiches with tomato, lettuce and mayo.

I'm also working on my next blog which will be about this equation: Facebook = Vimeo > MySpace = YouTube.

You can think over what that might mean until I get that post up :-D

I'm also pretty pissed right now at married couples. I've always been angry with married couples. None of them sitck together. When I get married I will make sure to stick it out with my mate. Seriously though, it's ridiculous how many people are getting divorced right not because of financial issues. It's as if they completely disregarded the "for better or for worse" line. Marriage has been belittled to nothingness over the years. Sure, at least most of them aren't forced and arranged like back in the day but come on people, use your free will well, don't waste it!


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