Sunday, January 18, 2009

Circuit City Going Out of Business = Antoine Gets a New Camera!

Thanks to the recession, Circuit City has been the most recent company to go under. Saturday, January 17, 2009 was its first day of liquidation which means "everything must go." I heard about this report on Friday on the news but I never thought to go to Circuit City to get a deal until I got home from work and saw someone's Twitter that said "30% off everything!" I rushed down in my grandmother's car to the Circuit City by my old high school and stood in a really long line to purchase ...

Canon Powershot SD1100

Get ready for the blog to get a lot more visual :-D

First photo from my camera

Here's to hoping I won't break this camera! I must admit though, this version feels really weak. It feels really hallow. My previous ones felt more like metal and sturdy but this one feels a little plasticy around the edges. I'll be sure to take extra care with it tough. Let's hope I can go a whole year without breaking it :-D


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LiL said...

better have extended warrantee!!
i likes how the camera looks lol