Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Headphones!

Philips SHP2500
Nice to have for when I'm editing.

Thanks mom! :)


HBP - Harry Potter In a Lonely Corridor & Looking Through Drawer


Clone Wars Rating

Rated PG for sci-fi action violence throughout, brief language and momentary smoking.

Easily, the biggest "OMG" is the "momentary smoking" but this one does cover a lot of ground with Jabba the Hutt and he's a gangster and he's affiliated with that sort of thing. And "brief language" ... oh my! Probably just a "damn" or a "hell."


Autobot Jazz Returning for Transformers 2?

May 31, 2008

At the beginning of the year, director Michael Bay said that Jazz wouldn't be back for Transformers 2, but it looks like things have changed. writes:

"The Pontiac Solstice vehicle prop of Autobot Jazz arrived on the set of Transformers 2 earlier today. In addition we've received confirmation from a second tipster that Darius McCrary, the voice of Movie Jazz, is now on set as well."

Filming for the sequel is now taking place in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania at the former Bethlehem Steel site.


Friday, May 30, 2008

My First Time - Trailer



Slughorn's Christmas Party & No Trelawney

Also there will be no Sibyll Trelawney in Half-Blood Prince.

You may recall in the book that it was Trelawney who indirectly informed Harry of two important facts, 1) Draco was 'celebrating' in the Room of Requirement and 2) Snape was the one who overheard her telling Dumbledore about Harry/Voldemort's prophecy.

Thanks to SnitchSeeker


Whoopi vs SilentBat II Preview


Lupe Finally Goes Gold!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Doodling Zoodling

Doodled a bit in 1st period today while we were reviewing terms that would be on the test tomorrow, which I am studying for now.
I actually went and took one of the doodles and drew it out for my characters new fourth year of Hogwarts avatar.


Financial Need + Lightsaber = Commercial!

Today in 7th Period my teacher, J.P. told me that he was going to work on a commercial this summer and that he would need my assistance and asked if I was doing anything during the summer. I told him that I was planning to attend Inner City Filmmakers which runs through the whole summer so I'll be doing that most of the time. He that would be okay and went about telling me what I would do for the commercial. Before I reveal it to you guys you have to guess! Just guess! I would be doing lightsabers! Woot! How does this relate to the commercial. Well, I'll explain.

The way J.P. explained it to me is that it's headed by a financial company who's name he could not disclosed. There is going to be a man running over hurtles which symbolize financial struggle. Eventually the hurtles turn into more difficult obstacles and next to him is another man who is getting through them easily and at one point, he pulls out a lightsaber to destroy one of the obstacles. I think this man with the lightsaber is supposed to symbolize someone who is getting financial help from the company, expressing that they can help people get through financial need more easily. In any case, this is where my lightsaber rotoscoping expertise comes in. I'm going to animate the guy igniting his lightsaber, destroying the obstacle, and then turning off his lightsaber, which is supposed to take over the time-frame of a few seconds so it's an easy job.

Pretty exciting. They are supposed to be shooting in July so I won't be on that until then.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Heroes Season 3 - "Villians"

Can anyone say bootleg clips?! Hurry before the video is taken down!

It's looking so good!

Behind the Scenes

"Heroes Season 3 returns on September 15, 2008 with a 3-hour premiere."


Black Kids - Hurrican Jane

Disappointed majorly:

That video had NOTHING to do with the song. Why the heck was he running through pyramids. Where was Hurricane Jane? There wasn't even a personification of Hurricane Jane. I'm disappointed. They could have done much more creatively.

If you just want to gouge your eyes after that watch this instead:


Memorial Day

Was pretty good. If you don't like reading without pictures you should not continue pass this line.

So I think I woke up at eight or something like that so I could get prepared for Memorial Day BBQ with my dad and family. He picked us up around 10:00 AM with my little half brother Kai. After Kai relieved himself we left and I drove to the park (missed the turn because I was going "too fast"). When we got the the Baldwin Hills park we set up at the picnic area and we did through the wuffle ball around. Good fun, except I couldn't throw anything to my dad because the wind kept carrying my balls into him instead of over the plate. All good fun though. We had been there for a while until the rest of the party did. When they came, though, they had food! So I grabbed a few pineapple, watermelon and strawberry. Hmmmm. It took another long while before the others came and then we could go to the game: Softball!

So the teams were like this:
Bandele Team
My dad
My stepmom
My half-sister Zaria
My brother Aaron
Some little girl
Some little boy

Brisker Team
Uncle Jabaar
Uncle Keem
Auntie Kiyah
A mom

*I could be forgetting someone*

The beginning of the game for me is rather foggy because it was less exciting but at one point we came back and tied the game 9-9 and that's when we determined that we'd go up to 15 and the game would be won. So, we got up and had a nice little rally, I could be forgetting a few finer details but I believe we had 14-9 by the end of our inning or it could have been 14-11, I think? In any case my dad was up when we have 14 and we all thought he would have it easy. But when he hit it he hit it really high, giving enough time for anyone to get under it. And sure enough, Jessica did, and she caught it. Oh no! Our beautiful win! The next time we were up I think they either got 11 or 12, again kinda foggy. At one point I dived for a fly ball that went over my dad's head. Darn. It would have been such a sweet catch. Eventually we got to give back up and I think I won it on a grounder that got pass an outfielder. Yay!

So then we all went back to go eat and my Auntie Kiyah asked if I would do this very silly Music Video about something called "Pants off, dance off" which I declined. Oh silly Kiyah. Then I had some fish, and some more fruit and some of this and some of that. My brother was playing chess with a girl! Woot! Go Aaron! They were having fun.

6:00 PM was coming soon and I needed to get home because I promise some folks on this Harry Potter RPG ( that I'd help to construct rules for a dueling club. So we went home and the minute I get there and am all set up with snitchseeker Ben calls me about playing Dungeons and Dragon with him, Alan and Hilary. I do a ARGHFLAGEMS and I rush to transfer everything I was doing from my PowerPC G4 onto my crappy PC laptop (can't wait for MacBook Pro during graduation) and when Ben came we were at.

Honestly, I don't remember anything from DnD (Dungeons and Dragons). I was too immersed in what was going on on snitchseeker. The moderators on the site said that our test was out of regulation and that we needed to make a new game. Again, I did an ARGHFLAGEMS. So we played the game as plan but right after I went ahead, trying to think of ways to create a new game. But for a long time I was stumped. I actually did not think up an idea until I got back home from DnD. A brilliant plan! I wrote it up and did this and that. I believe I was up pretty late doing it but eventually I got there and it's all finished. I don't have my book for English though. Eek! Hopefully no quiz.

Good Memorial Day.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Aaron McGruder Interview - Creator of Boondocks

I have not been keeping up with Season 2 but I will get it on DVD.

About Boondocks

About Obama/Clinton

note: This was totally edited on Final Cut Pro. I can tell :)

Thanks to JFK!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lack of Camera is Hurting my Blogging

Here is a photo from senior picnic:
My lack of post, or post about me, is because I have no camera. And I haven't made videoblogs in forever because my computer cannot capture footage. But videoblogs should return sometime next month when I get my graduation present: a MacBook Pro :). I even think the first moment I get it and I figure out how to make videos on it through PhotoBooth I'll post v videoblog #32 or #33, whichever one it is. And I'll try and make videoblogs as much as I can instead of splitting it in two weeks so I can catch up.

Holy Macaroni! I'm second on th youtube search!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Pork & Beans

Ryan and Dorkman make an appearance at the end. Also, this is just a good video :)


Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Next Laila Ali!

Not sped up. When the little girl punches really fast be sure to look at the lady with the red shirt in the background, she doesn't speed up with the punches, hence, meaning there was no speed up in editing.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

10th Anniversity Cover

I think I may actually buy this. There is supposed to be extra content along with the new front cover art and back art.

The Harry Potter American artist, Mary GrandPre, had this to say about the book:
It's a real treat for me to get another chance to visually bring Harry back to his fans in not only a new scene, but in a new light. Going back to draw the first cover for the anniversary edition was an opportunity for me to show another side of Harry... a vulnerable side. Having come to know and love Harry the way we all have, after experiencing the whole series, I think we can appreciate him even more on an emotional level.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top 3 on YouTube Search!

Top 3 on the YouTube search for "Antoine Bandele's And He Gets The Girl"


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"If I Never See Your Face Again" ft. Rihanna Music Video

Not too sure Rihanna works for this :(
Acting wise, good chemistry between the two, but Rihanna's voice doesn't work for Maroon 5.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Whoopi vs SilentBat II Trailer Preview

This is the bit I edited (I'm also doing the ending). Whoopi's doing the middle portion.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars

It's funny how on the credits on the bottom their are no actor names.


Terminator Fun Fact

"The sound that the T-1000 (the bad guy in Terminator 2) makes when transforming was created by putting a condom over a microphone and dipping it into oatmeal."



Ouch ouch ouch indeed.

Iron Man: $50,500,000
Speed Racer: $20,210,000
What Happens in Vegas: $20,000,000

Speed Racer did worse than I thought it would. It almost lost to "What Happens in Vegas" too! That's gotta hurt hard!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ryan Wieber Interview

I believe we have to cover the obvious stuff first. How did you get involved in computer graphics? Did you receive any kind of formal education?

I never took any formal training in visual effects, I learned most of the basics on my own. It's something that I was always interested in, so when I was young and finally got a computer that could do that sort of thing, I became immersed in it. I think my parents were concerned that I spent too much time on the computer. I filmed a lot of tests with my camera in the back yard and followed tutorials online, or just experimented on my own, and soon had a home-made reel of goofy effects tests I showed around at school. They look very simple and silly now, but I was teaching myself the basics, and I attribute my fundamental skills to those kinds of tests. Nowadays, I learn and grow on the job, which I think is similar in that it's real world experience.

Browsing your IMDB page, I see you have an impressive portfolio. One thing I noticed is that you are often (if not always) credited as digital compositor. Of all the different fields in computer animation (meaning everything from modeling to finishing), why did you choose to become a compositor?

Well, as an artist who does not (as of yet) possess skills with a 3D program, everything else kind of falls into the category of "compositing". It's the final stage of visual effects, where all the pieces come together and receive the final treatment to become a finished shot. I think that's where the most fun is, for me. And it encompasses all sorts of things. For example, working on Heroes, one day I might be doing a virtual backdrop which the audience is not even meant to notice is an effect, and the next day I might be doing big bold electricity power effects. It's a great variety and I get to flex (or try to build up) many different muscles (so to speak) as a compositor.

(Read More)


Speed Racer just not holding up ...

The much hyped "Speed Racer" movie is off to a very rough start at the box office this weekend.

On Friday night, "Speed Racer" only pulled in $6.6 million which will likely only result in $25 million for the entire weekend. That's a very disappointing opening for a movie thas was expected to make at least $40M.

"Iron Man" will likely hold on to the top spot at the box office pushing "Speed Racer" to at least second. Let's just hope they get a matinee boost from the kiddies on Saturday and Sunday.

Most of the reviews that I have read says the movie creeps along at snail speed and seems to last forever.

"Speed Racer" is supposed to be one of those flicks that doesn't require a major time investment. You should probably even be able to fall asleep and wake up feeling like you didn't miss anything. From what I hear, you just want to fall asleep during this movie and never wake up!


IRON MAN was just too big and too entertaining of a movie to follow. Looks like it, Iron Man, will definitely be holding onto the top spot in the box office this weekend. But next week it should definitely be second with Prince Caspian AND Speed Racer on its case. My prediction? Honestly:

1. Prince Caspian
2. Iron Man
3. Speed Racer

Or who knows, maybe Iron Man will drop to three and Speed Racer will stay at two. Only time will tell, only time.

I still would like to see Speed Racer. Maybe next weekend. I'm not really looking forward to Prince Caspian. The first one was just okay to me, nothing special at all, this sequel looks even more mediocre. The next big thing, to me, this summer is Dark Knight. Can't wait for that :)


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hamilton Screening Post-Poned

Ms. Iannacone will not be able to host the Hamilton Screening on May 16, 2008 because she was offered a trip to San Fransico for a project. She is very apologetic and we will post-pone the screening to the following Friday: May 23, 2008. This does NOT effect, I repeat, does NOT effect the screening at the Santa Monica Public Library which will be May 17, 2008. That is still going on as plan and the film looks like it will be in it's completed format by then. Previously we feared, like last year's screening, that some elements would be missing in terms of the lightsaber effects but all seems well! Hope to see you all there and sorry to any of the teachers and musical kids who were planning to attend the screening next Friday.

If you are planning to attend the Saturday screening though it would be a great help if you save this picture and print it out. It's a program for the event and all you need to do is print it and fold it :)!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2Pac = AIDS?

"Janet Jackson requested that Tupac Shakur have an AIDS test before his kissing scene with her. He refused."


This was so funny to me!


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Iron Man = Two Thumbs Way Up!

High-tech slapstick, wicked banter and a somber "war on terror" subtext set the stage for Robert Downey Jr.'s super-watchable superhero debut in Iron Man.

Downey wears the 90-pound suit of booster-rocket armor well, as he dramatizes the awkward transition of inventor Tony Stark from self-obsessed playboy to scientist on a mission. More importantly, the 43-year-old actor makes the man inside the heavy-metal jacket compelling in his own right.

Unlike blockbuster characters X-Men, Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, Iron Man never dominated Marvel Comics' pantheon of heroes. In locking down the first weekend in May for the film's launch, Paramount Pictures is betting big that Downey's charm and a steady stream of online teasers will galvanize a broad audience and match the box-office numbers of last summer's Middle East-themed Transformers. The plan could spawn a lucrative new superhero franchise: Some box-office experts predict Iron Man will be one of the top five hits of the season.

About those adrenaline-charged Iron Man trailers, which made the rounds online in the run-up to the film's Friday release: Have all the movie's cool bits been shown already?

Nope. You'll have to pay to get an eyeful of Iron Man's foe, the massive Iron Monger. Also missing from trailer action is a wishful-thinking revenge fantasy that plays out on the big screen: Iron Man shoots down yammering, hostage-holding terrorists with repulsor beams to save the lives of innocent women and children.


Iron Man's big set pieces lack Michael Bay's epic Transformers scope but feel more real than Spider-Man's movie escapades. And Iron Man has plenty going on between the special effects. First and foremost, Iron Man displays a sense of humor. Compared to the brooding Batman of recent vintage, Superman's plain-vanilla virtue and Peter Parker's borderline-cornball sincerity, Downey's wise-cracking superhero keeps the onscreen action snappy.

Director Jon Favreau (Elf, Swingers) plays to Downey's hyperkinetic, improvisational strengths from the outset, kicking off this origins story with a pre-trauma portrait of brilliant inventor Stark, a Scotch-swigging, fast-talking womanizer who's made a fortune selling weapons. Hours after sleeping with a reporter (Leslie Bibb) in his Malibu smart house, Stark checks in with steadfast executive assistant Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and jets to Afghanistan in a private plane with Air Force liaison James "Rhodey" Rhodes (Terrence Howard). There, Stark demonstrates his latest exercise in mass destruction, the Jericho Missile, for U.S. military brass.

A roadside bomb changes everything. Glib no more, Stark wakes up in a cave with an electro-magneto disc carved into his chest that prevents shrapnel from piercing his heart. Eventually, he escapes warlord Raza (Faran Tahir) after forging the first crude Iron Man suit. The politics here are vague, and though Tahir glowers menacingly, the southwest Asian captors are a weak link in the movie. Stripped of the memorable one-liners, seductive charm or lopsided logic that a juicy villain brings to the table, Iron Man's enemies are a predictable, two-dimensional lot.

Back in California, the conscience-stricken Stark announces that his company is quitting the munitions business, which is bad news for stockholders and Tony's longtime partner, Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges).


Toiling with robots in his 3-D modeling workshop to build a bigger, better Iron Man suit, gearhead Stark submerges himself in don't-bother-me-I'm-saving-the-world mode, which is good for some broad laughs when his out-of-control beta suit flings him against the wall.

After Iron Man rockets himself overseas in an upgraded, repulsor-powered suit to get payback from his former tormentors, corporate skulduggery leads to an earth-shuddering smackdown in the night skies over Los Angeles between Iron Man and his new nemesis, the bloated Iron Monger.

The fight and flight scenes blend live-action stunt work with CGI effects from Industrial Light and Magic with reasonably convincing results, but it's the actors who bring out the soul in Iron Man. Oscar-winner Paltrow endears as Pepper, the shy-yet-feisty sidekick who's not so secretly in love with her boss. Playing the wily Obadiah -- in shaved head and beard -- Bridges radiates smarmy gravitas and challenges Stark's newfound idealism at every turn.

But Downey's the driving force here. Sincere yet never sappy, he retains a rascal's charm to the end, and Iron Man finds a heart without losing his brainy edge.

Wired: Gadgets, humor, heart and a whip-smart leading man channel the high-tech flights of fancy into a genuinely affecting character study.

Tired: Music by Ramin Djawadi relies on crunchy heavy-metal guitars and other familiar tricks of the trade to drive the action. Evil terrorist? Cue the cellos.

Critiques aren't giving it the BEST reviews as it so deserves. If I get my hands on a copy on the internet of Iron Man I'll be sure to give it a review that does it justice in my eyes.


R2D2 Projector

This is a must-have if it didn't cost $3,000! Click here to see the R2D2 projector that can do pretty much anything, rxcept make you a sandwich.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Only Editors Could Understand ...

... the semi-complexity of this screenshot (below).

Two weeks until the first screening! still got some work to do crew!Peace!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hamilton Screening Ticket

For all you Hamilonians! But if you are going to the big premiere on Saturday @ Santa Monica (the day after this one) do NOT come to the Hamilton Screening.