Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Financial Need + Lightsaber = Commercial!

Today in 7th Period my teacher, J.P. told me that he was going to work on a commercial this summer and that he would need my assistance and asked if I was doing anything during the summer. I told him that I was planning to attend Inner City Filmmakers which runs through the whole summer so I'll be doing that most of the time. He that would be okay and went about telling me what I would do for the commercial. Before I reveal it to you guys you have to guess! Just guess! I would be doing lightsabers! Woot! How does this relate to the commercial. Well, I'll explain.

The way J.P. explained it to me is that it's headed by a financial company who's name he could not disclosed. There is going to be a man running over hurtles which symbolize financial struggle. Eventually the hurtles turn into more difficult obstacles and next to him is another man who is getting through them easily and at one point, he pulls out a lightsaber to destroy one of the obstacles. I think this man with the lightsaber is supposed to symbolize someone who is getting financial help from the company, expressing that they can help people get through financial need more easily. In any case, this is where my lightsaber rotoscoping expertise comes in. I'm going to animate the guy igniting his lightsaber, destroying the obstacle, and then turning off his lightsaber, which is supposed to take over the time-frame of a few seconds so it's an easy job.

Pretty exciting. They are supposed to be shooting in July so I won't be on that until then.


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Bree said...

At first I thought you said the man was running over turtles.

w00t for Twone!