Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Was pretty good. If you don't like reading without pictures you should not continue pass this line.

So I think I woke up at eight or something like that so I could get prepared for Memorial Day BBQ with my dad and family. He picked us up around 10:00 AM with my little half brother Kai. After Kai relieved himself we left and I drove to the park (missed the turn because I was going "too fast"). When we got the the Baldwin Hills park we set up at the picnic area and we did through the wuffle ball around. Good fun, except I couldn't throw anything to my dad because the wind kept carrying my balls into him instead of over the plate. All good fun though. We had been there for a while until the rest of the party did. When they came, though, they had food! So I grabbed a few pineapple, watermelon and strawberry. Hmmmm. It took another long while before the others came and then we could go to the game: Softball!

So the teams were like this:
Bandele Team
My dad
My stepmom
My half-sister Zaria
My brother Aaron
Some little girl
Some little boy

Brisker Team
Uncle Jabaar
Uncle Keem
Auntie Kiyah
A mom

*I could be forgetting someone*

The beginning of the game for me is rather foggy because it was less exciting but at one point we came back and tied the game 9-9 and that's when we determined that we'd go up to 15 and the game would be won. So, we got up and had a nice little rally, I could be forgetting a few finer details but I believe we had 14-9 by the end of our inning or it could have been 14-11, I think? In any case my dad was up when we have 14 and we all thought he would have it easy. But when he hit it he hit it really high, giving enough time for anyone to get under it. And sure enough, Jessica did, and she caught it. Oh no! Our beautiful win! The next time we were up I think they either got 11 or 12, again kinda foggy. At one point I dived for a fly ball that went over my dad's head. Darn. It would have been such a sweet catch. Eventually we got to give back up and I think I won it on a grounder that got pass an outfielder. Yay!

So then we all went back to go eat and my Auntie Kiyah asked if I would do this very silly Music Video about something called "Pants off, dance off" which I declined. Oh silly Kiyah. Then I had some fish, and some more fruit and some of this and some of that. My brother was playing chess with a girl! Woot! Go Aaron! They were having fun.

6:00 PM was coming soon and I needed to get home because I promise some folks on this Harry Potter RPG (snitchseeker.com) that I'd help to construct rules for a dueling club. So we went home and the minute I get there and am all set up with snitchseeker Ben calls me about playing Dungeons and Dragon with him, Alan and Hilary. I do a ARGHFLAGEMS and I rush to transfer everything I was doing from my PowerPC G4 onto my crappy PC laptop (can't wait for MacBook Pro during graduation) and when Ben came we were at.

Honestly, I don't remember anything from DnD (Dungeons and Dragons). I was too immersed in what was going on on snitchseeker. The moderators on the site said that our test was out of regulation and that we needed to make a new game. Again, I did an ARGHFLAGEMS. So we played the game as plan but right after I went ahead, trying to think of ways to create a new game. But for a long time I was stumped. I actually did not think up an idea until I got back home from DnD. A brilliant plan! I wrote it up and did this and that. I believe I was up pretty late doing it but eventually I got there and it's all finished. I don't have my book for English though. Eek! Hopefully no quiz.

Good Memorial Day.


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