Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hamilton Screening Post-Poned

Ms. Iannacone will not be able to host the Hamilton Screening on May 16, 2008 because she was offered a trip to San Fransico for a project. She is very apologetic and we will post-pone the screening to the following Friday: May 23, 2008. This does NOT effect, I repeat, does NOT effect the screening at the Santa Monica Public Library which will be May 17, 2008. That is still going on as plan and the film looks like it will be in it's completed format by then. Previously we feared, like last year's screening, that some elements would be missing in terms of the lightsaber effects but all seems well! Hope to see you all there and sorry to any of the teachers and musical kids who were planning to attend the screening next Friday.

If you are planning to attend the Saturday screening though it would be a great help if you save this picture and print it out. It's a program for the event and all you need to do is print it and fold it :)!


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