Monday, June 2, 2008

Lightsaber Choreography Competition VI

It's here, be sure to vote for your favorite entry!

These are my first impressions:
First Impressions (trying to keep these one sentence or so):

1st Entry - BruceM: Definite improvement. Keep at it and I think you'll really be able to make a quality entry.

2nd Entry - Darkpitaman: Alright. Pretty average. Nothing too memorable. Needed more time to practice to really make the moves pay out more smoothly.

3rd Entry - Demogoblin2: Couldn't watch it. It crapped out on my computer.

4th Entry - FSFilms # 1: White Masked Dudes = Putties from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Intense. Really enjoyed this. The sound editing could have been a bit better. 6:28 Amazing! Simply Amazing!

5th Entry - FSFilms # 2: Not as amazing as the other but pretty good for the time given. That ending was .... interesting.

6th Entry - Tim DeHaas *NON-TFN MEMBER: Cool setting but pretty generic fighting and kind of slow. Sound editing was off. Some of the sounds just didn't work with some of the strikes.

7th Entry - Jacob Landis-Eigsti *NON-TFN MEMBER: Strange opening. Cool idea with B&W with lightsabers. Don't appreciated the sped-upness of it though. Couldn't really make sense of it.

8th Entry - Ramsaur: Cinematography and Editing needed a lot of work.. The choreography didn't amaze me. It just seemed like it needed more practice.

9th Entry - ResidentOfEvil: 2:03. THE MAN WITH NO EYES! It was alright. The dueling with the apprentice should have been cut cause the only thing worth watching was the duel between the Jedi and Sith. Holy shoot I forgot what you looked like Laughing_Cheese.

10th Entry - Ryan_W & BrandonFlyte: Ryan ... that ending ... arghflagems. I can't talk about this right now. My feelings are hurt.

11th Entry - StickGuyProductions: It was really slow and the choreography was really simple and unexciting.

12th Entry - Whiteley79: 0:33 reminds me of Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix. Like the choreography but I think some of the cinematography takes away from it. There were elements that I liked but I can't say I enjoyed the duel in its entirety.

13th Entry - Tyson Benard *NON-TFN MEMBER: This as just alright. I really wasn't thrilled much at all.


Also, I had some fun with one of the entries:



Thomas D. Brown II said...

On RVB2: I think that last shot was thrown in there because they haven't finished the Ryan ducking the last shot, not being beheaded like in the last one and actually cutting Brandon on half. At least that's what it looked like to me...B-Dawg dying. ;)

It's the best fight.

~T&sup2 out

Thomas D. Brown II said...

And...I fail at grammar.

*_*Antoine*_* said...

Eh, in terms of perfomance it has the best duel but I don't feel it has the best choreography.

*_*Antoine*_* said...

And I understood the ending. I just wanted a real one.

My guess is that they slice each other in half.