Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Humanities Senior Project BBQ

So essentially the Humanities BBQ = No sleep.

I came back home from the art show with Taylor who's Humanities Project I was helping out with. We worked from like 9 PM - 12 AM before she left. Then I worked the remainder of the day until about 3 AM. Man was that a major drag. Our plan was that I would finish editing and export to WMV file which was a compatible file she could burn on her PC but when I woke up around 8 AM the export screwed up so I did that last thing I could think of (and I would like to thank this YouTube guy who's name I do not know). In Final Cut Pro the fastest way to export a file is through QuickTime Movie (None Self-Containing). What does that mean? Well it means I could only play the exported file on my computer only, no where else, even if another Mac had the same version of my Final Cut Pro. So what does that mean? I had to bring my whole PowerPC Mac G4! MY WHOLE COMPUTER! MONITOR, KEYBOARD, TOWER, MOUSE AND ALL! Low-key I really want to ask for more money. I said I'd do the project for $40 but it's been a lot more work than it was worth.

The BBQ was a lot of fun though. I did a lot of sitting though because I wasn't letting my sweet Mac G4 out of my sight. But for a short time I went outside and got some food (thanks Taylor, Ms. I and Ms. Madan). I got a veggies burger and some fruit and some salad. It was actually very good. Then I went back to my sweet G4 and wrote some of this story I'm working on right now. It's a fanfic on my character Antwone Thomas. It goes over his past mostly and how he came into being a werewolf.

I guess a good short plot summary is this:
The story opens with Antwone Thomas, Age 20, in his small apartment after he has transformed into a werewolf. The young wizard is at his lowest. No one will take him for jobs, he's arguing with his girlfriend and he, in his eyes, had ruined his beloved uncle's life. As the dawn is rising Antwone reminisces back to the day he was turned into a werewolf to his three months in St. Mungo's to his life with his uncle to a horrific event he can never forgive himself for.

So after the BBQ I called ICF (Inner City Filmmakers) to confirm when the Student Academy Awards was starting and that leads into the next blog post ...

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