Monday, June 9, 2008

The Art Show

So essentially the Art Show = No sleep.

The previous night, which was Thursday, I was up all night doing a documentary I was doing for a Humanities student. Actually, I still need to get paid for that. But I was doing that all night and woke up very sluggish. I still needed to edit a handful of animations for the art show that afternoon (Friday). There was a teacher's strike in the morning so school wasn't to start until 9:00. I arrived at about 7:45 and I snuck into school into the video editing room and guess what!? Ms. I's computers came! What kind you ask? A Mac Pro! The latest Mac Pro! And it finally comes now! Now! Two weeks before I leave the school! Typical. Also three new iMac Intels came for the animators. Oh well!

So I began taking the animations from the OSIX iMacs for the whole hour I had but when they came off the files were not being recognized as QuickTime movies. So I couldn't animated a full two animations worth of four periods! Yikes! By this time Ms. I is freaking out and saying she'll cancel the art show but I pulled through and got a few done by the end of school but it was quite stressful.

After school came and I was burning DVDs for the art show with Jinah and Hannah Yang (two identical twin Asian sisters whom I can tell apart now). They were cool people. The show went on pretty well. I showed the trailer to Whoopi vs. SilentBat II and people enjoyed it, I showed And He Gets The Girl and people enjoyed it, I showed the animations and people enjoyed it. It was cool. I only got one cookie before they all vanished though. The electronic music performance was alright. Pretty good stuff. I went home and did more editing for that Humanities project and that leads into the next entrie.

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