Sunday, March 8, 2009

Watchmen Review ...

... her review is almost exactly what mine is ...
Her review starts at 3:50

The only differences were that I DID like the new ending, even more than the one in the graphic novel. Also she didn't mention the fights scenes but have to say I did not like them. They were not awesome if you think of them in the context of Watchmen. The only superhero is Dr. Manhattan. The rest are normal people who train themselves to be awesome. Those fight scenes were highly choreographed and fake. That was possibly one of the worst elements of the film. Fight scenes like those belong in Spider-Man or X-Men ... comic movies like that with superhuman characters. The most realistic fighting came from Rorchach but everyone else was way too heightened.


I'll probably do a more extensive review of Watchmen later if I feel like it.

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Richard Eggert said...

I have not yet read the actual graphic novel, so I am not able to compare this movie with the original. Considering the storyline I feel it as a superb flop. The characters neither had strong roles to play. I had gone to the theaters expecting some good action, but got discouraged! My $20 ticket was a total waste.