Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Azden SGM 1X & Audio-Technica 25' XLR Cable!

I'm getting really semi-pro with my equipment now. First I got my DVX100B and then a Manfrotto tripod. Yesterday I just made a purchase for a Azden SGM (Shotgun Mic) for my camera along with a 25 ft XLR cable for booming situations. My order should be in at around Tuesday of next week. I'll be sure to take photographs and do some test.

Speaking of test. My Final Cut Pro 6 is spazzing out again. I was trying to do a upscaled HD test with my DVX100B with a 2.35:1 mask but Final Cut won't let me turn it on. I think it's the editing Gods telling me I need to purchase my own copy ... but I really don't have the money. One day I will, of course, but right now I just can't.


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