Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update: Busy but getting back on track!

So I've been doing a lot over the past week or two. I barely had anytime to fit in this little bit of a blog. Essentially, what I'll be displaying is what you can expect from this blog over the next week or so to cover what I missed:

- I still have to discuss what I thought of the Oscar shorts (both Live Action & Animated).
- I still need to do the Facebook = Vimeo > MySpace = YouTube blog/videoblog.
- I'm going to discuss what's going on with my Lightsaber Choreography Competition Entry
- I'm going to talk about my experience at a friend's shoot called: Car Ride with Claire.
- Be sure to look to for updated on The Devil's Company (Prologue). If there is huge news I'll post it here but most news about that film will be up on its blog.
- I'm going to be doing a few videoblogs. One being the one I mentioned above and one about film adaptations of books. Something I was thinking about for college teachers, a video audition of sorts. The Wiz vs. The Wizard of Oz
- I was offered weed for the first time. My reasons against drugs and alcohol.
- My experience at the ACE Awards
- Some other stuff I can't think of.


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