Sunday, June 21, 2009

Casey Veggies's Debut Music Video

The shoot went really well, I had some fun. I had worked with Casey only once on the trailer I did for him a few months back but we had only spoken for a little bit then. This time I spent the whole day with him. He and his crew over at Peas & Carrots are really dope people.

In the morning we shot at Kenneth Hahn Park to shoot the beginning of the music video, which will be this stylized intro that is a sort of extension of what we did in the trailer. Actually, my day started out a little earlier than that. I realized in the very early morning before the shoot that I didn't have the lyrics to the song so I went to his myspace, listened to it and jotted down what I thought the lyrics were so when I got to the park the first thing I did was hand off what I wrote and Casey corrected it. I'm proud to say I got most of it right :-D!

The shoot at Kenneth Hahn went really smooth and fast. We only spent an hour shooting there and then we left to hit up Kingsbury where the majority of the video would be shot. After a quick bite I spent a good half hour looking for parking because we could only get meter parking. But then we came to realize we could have parked in the back of Kingsbury all along, that was a big waste of time. Once we finally got things settled we started shooting (sorry for the lack of photos, there may be some later on the Peas & Carrot blog).

I really like shooting and directing music videos, sometimes even moreso than shooting short films. Actually, I think what I like about music videos is that it's someone elses art that I get to make visual. I'm not sure if I find as much enjoyment in writing my own work and then directing it, rather, I like adapting other people's work and then directing it (like most directors). While this video is actually going to be somewhat simple, with other videos and can really step out creatively.

I really enjoy the song we're doing, it's got a really laid back flow and I think it's a good way to debut Casey's second mixtape and first official music video.

We're trying to go live with this video next Sunday. Whoopi should be editing but I may end up doing a bit of editing too.

I'll try to actually keep up with my blog so I can keep my readers update (I know I have a few out there :-P)


Oh also, after the shoot day was over I got my first flat tire! How fun! AAA actually came pretty quickly so it wasn't so bad. I'm slowly realizing how much money it'll be just to maintain my car. I had to fix my brakes last week ... get a tune up the other day ... and now I need a new tire. Good thing I have a summer job now :-D!


YHANNI said...

antoine i really just.. like your blog. it's so professional

*_*Antoine*_* said...

Are you sure it's not me you like? Lol j/k j/k