Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Midnight Premiere

So today I saw Twilight at midnight ... and it was really good :-D
Yes, I went in a Harry Potter costume. Yes, I know Harry Potter would not be the film I would be watching. Why do it? I wanted to remind people about Harry Potter and that its original release date was November 21, 2008, before Twilight took it over, before Warner Brothers did the most hateful deed of pushing Half-Blood Prince to a much later date (next year in July). I was expecting to get mobbed but a lot of Twilight fans were cheering me on for my costume. Some even knew why I had the costume before I told them the story. So ... I went through the line and took pictures with the fans that were wearing t-shirts! Enjoy the photos! There will be a videoblog I'll post later on today ... I might be on ReelzChannel on "first fans."

They were my favorite bunch of Twi-hards.

At first the girl to the left didn't want to take a photo at all, then, she was biting at my neck!

Many people came up to remind me that Harry Potter wasn't playing today. I thought that was funny.

Woah! Team Snape!

The guy to the far left was a "line manager" and he was awesome!

She had the most unique t-shirt. No one else in line had it.

Tania came along without reading any of the books.

And she proceeded to try and bite my neck. Seems to be a theme, huh?

Peace. VideoBlog coming right after this post.

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Lillian said...

last pic=cute
haha your face!