Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mi Hermana

I just thought this was a good picture of her, my sister, Zaria Bandele, even though she looks somewhat uncomfortable (probably because she's being forced to do homework). Can't believe she's already 8.

Sorry for the lack of blogs. Actually, I still owe you guys a few reviews (Pineapple Express, Towelhead and Miracle at St. Anna(?))

I've determined today ... I'm ready for a still camera again. I've been on self-punishment for eight months and now I want one again. The question ... should I upgrade to a Digital SLR or stick with a trusty point-and-shoot? I think I'm more inclined to go with a point-and-shoot. I'm not trying to be a wannabe photographer.



jay EFF kay. said...

thanks 4 the cred.

SoleFresh said...

ahah wanna be photographer. nice!!!

LiL said...

awww cute sisterrr

i think your ready for a new camera....punishment has been long enough!