Saturday, September 6, 2008

Best Saturday In A While!

I woke up fairly early for a weekend day: 10 AM. My plan was to get some shopping done, get a movie from a friend and spend some time with my somewhat significant other.

I was supposed to be at OfficeMax at 12 PM, where my buddy works, to pick up Leon: The Professional which I was borrowing for him. It's a film about an assassin and since I am doing an assassin film I wanted to just get inspiration. Like I said, I was supposed to be there at 12 PM but that's actually when I left my house and I got there at 1 PM. Doesn't matter though, he didn't have it. I haven't seen that kid in a while though. Now that I know where he works I'll visit more often.

Then I went to Cold Stone by my old school to say hey to a few friends: Ailena and Mel. I went to eat the ice cream I got with Ailena but it was melting like crazy because I didn't immediately eat it. One of the crew for the Casey Veggies's Mixtape Trailer we are doing tomorrow called to confirm a few things. When I finally got of the phone I had a pool of cream rather than ice cream. It was quite embarrassing to have ice cream all over my hands in front of Ailena. After the short encounter I went back home to get my grandmother's food stamp card (food stamps rock)!

Then I went to Trader Joe's to do some shopping. I haven't be there in a long while. It was rather crowded but people were nice enough. For a long time, though, I was bebind this really slow, really old guy. OH well.

Shortly after Trader Joe's I walked over to Ailena's house to play Monopoly. It was really a lot of fun. I totally kicked her butt even though she seemed to know a lot about the game, but, she wasn't playing it the way my father taught me when I was really young. My father's number one rule was to buy every property you landed on at the beginning of the game aside for Boardwalk and Park Place. She was ahead of me but she skipped over a few properties that I took up, including the cheapest places :-D. The first time I was going to get her bankrupt I let her give me one of her properties so I could create my third monopoly of the game. The second time I nearly bankrupt her we just stopped playing. Her brother was really cool. Actually, at first, he was strange. He kept saying "ew, ew, ew" at the TV screen and various other phrases but he's really a cool kid. Her mom was super cool to. She was into Heroes and Harry Potter and she didn't look half-bad either.


After the Monopoly game was over it was an opportunity for me to leave (by that point I think it was six o'clock) but I stayed. We started watching Noggin with Ailena's little brother for half and hour. I really do miss Noggin and Blue's Clues (which was on at the time). After that the little munchkin had to take a bath so Ailena and I watch to Simpsons which I don't remember watching at all because I think we were talking a lot (her, me and her mom). Her mom was in the kitchen cooking spaghetti so we ate that and then I was going to leave but, again, I decided to stay.

We decided to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which cut off half way through because the PS2 was "unable to read disk" apparently most of their DVDs were defective because the little munchkin didn't know how to use them. Oh well, I wasn't complaining afterwards. Finally though, I had to leave at around 10:00 PM because I have a shoot tomorrow (which I mentioned before) but I really would have like to stay.

So I walked to the bus stop where I saw Tundae who was getting off of work from Cold Stone. He seemed really tired, he fell asleep a few times on the bus. Speaking of the bus, I had the pleasure of riding on the bus with the most kind bus driver I have ever met. Usually at the late hour of 10:15 PM, Metro buses just pass by when they are really full. But this bus driver made sure to get everyone home, telling people to move back as far as they could so he could everyone on the bus. Usually bus drivers are like ... oops ... looks like too many people, let me just drive off and pass those people up so they have to wait another hour. Oh and man the largest man I've seen on a wheelchair got on the bus. If you've seen WALL-E he looked like one of the humans on the space shuttle who were in their hover chairs and really fat. Eventually, I got back home. At night I never wait for the bus that goes down to where I live so I walked it. On my walk, I found something:

A DOG! A stray dog! That actually followed me! At first I was going to disregard it and just walk off but it seemed like it needed help so I looked around to see if the owner could have been by (the dog has a somewhat lease but no tag). I started walking and I patted my leg, gesturing for it to follow (I was only three blocks to my house). At one point, though, I thought it might have been tired so I tried to pick it up but it started to yelp so I went away from that idea and let it walk alongside me. When I was trying to pick it up I found out it was a girl dog because, well, she had nipples, not a penis.

We got in my house and my brother was like "leave it outside" and I was like ... but I can't. But I comprised and said I'd call the pound (but they weren't open) so I had no choice but to leave her outside but not without giving her some water.

That lasted about five minutes.

I was going to put the water outside when I opened the door. Right when I opened the door she ran towards the door, wagging her tail. I was like "no, you can't come in, you're filthly" (which she was). So, what I did was made her a deal, if she let me wash her, I would let her stay the night until I called the pound again tomorrow. I thought for sure she would refuse because when I picked her up before she squelled and dogs usually never like baths. So I take her in the bathroom and start the water and she runs out. My brother and I cornered her and I coax her into my arms, picking her up. When I put her in the water she didn't resist at all the cleaning went well (man is the bottom of my bathtub dirty though). I'm not exactly sure what will happen tomorrow but I'm starting to get attached to this little thing. My brother was saying give her name but I refused because I knew I wouldn't want to let her go. But now she's sleeping right next to me with her tongue out in this cute way and I don't think I'll be able to let he go so easily. We'll see.

All and all, a fantastic Saturday!



Ailena V.=) said...

she is so cute:)

LiL said...

what a nice fellow you are!

i laughed quite loudly when you made the wall-e reference :]

A.J. said...

Awww, how adorable!!! Keep! Keep! Keep!

Haha, did you ever make a blog about our awesome Jurassic Park adventure?

Tundae said...

that man was GIGANTIC.